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  • Best Graphics Cards for Different Budgets
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  • Graphics Card Optimization Guide for Gaming
  • Information on latest Graphics Cards
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  • Graphics Card Overclocking
  • Best of PC Hardware for Gaming
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  • And much more…………………..

About the Author

akshat-verma-150x150 I am Akshat Verma, the owner, and author of this technology blog. I am a complete PC hardware freak and I love graphics cards. I have been learning about graphics cards for a long time and have been using them since the GeForce 3 series (launched in 2001). With over 15 years of experience in the PC Hardware field, I have helped out many people on building their PC and selecting the best hardware components for their computers. I am a passionate PC Gamer and have changed many graphics cards over the years. I have started this tech blog to help out people with graphics cards, computer components, and their gaming needs. I have done M.Tech in Information Technology (I.T.) and B.E. in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE).