Best GPU Mining Case for Building Mining Rig in 2024

Cryptocurrency Mining is currently the hottest talked topic both in the tech industry and in the financial world. It has been booming like crazy and this leads to a shortage of graphics cards worldwide. Cryptocurrency Mining has become very profitable nowadays and you can earn a decent amount of money by mining profitable altcoins (Ethereum or ETH, ETC, Zcash, Litecoin, Monero, etc.), or maybe bitcoins by practically doing nothing. You just need a mining rig that comprises graphics cards, processor, memory, mining motherboard, PCIe riser USB cards, power supply, hard drive or SSD, case fans for cooling, and an open-air frame case or mining case to support your graphics cards and other components.

Mining cases come in different capacities depending upon the number of graphics cards that you want to use. There are 6-GPU mining cases, 8-GPU mining cases, 12-GPU mining cases and so on. You can also build your own custom mining case but that involves a lot of time and effort. Also, you don’t get many benefits as there are pretty good open-air mining cases available at affordable prices that you can directly buy online. So, here I am going to list down the best available mining cases or mining rig cases with different capacities, which you can get for building your mining rig for cryptocurrency mining.

These are all stackable frame mining cases with solid build quality and they offer good protection to your GPUs and other components. These GPU miner cases come unassembled and you have to assemble and install them by yourself with some simple instructions that come with it.

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Best Mining Rig Cases for GPU Mining

Here are some of the best GPU Mining Rig cases with different graphics card carrying capacities. You can use these GPU mining cases to build an ethereum mining rig or any other altcoin mining rig.

6-GPU Mining Case

Kalolary 6 GPU Mining Aluminum Case Rig Open Air Frame

This is a good quality open-air mining case that supports up to six graphics cards up to 320mm in length. This stackable open-air mining case is made up of aluminum alloy and is quite strong and sturdy. It can support both mATX and ATX motherboards and dual PSUs. For cooling, this GPU mining case can support up to five 120mm case fans for cooling down the heat generated from the graphics cards. Also, the case allows pretty good space between the graphics cards that allows even better heat dissipation and cooling performance.


You can build a pretty good GPU mining rig or Ethereum mining rig using this open-frame mining case and can make a decent amount of money. It is also suitable for other altcoins or cryptocurrencies that include Litecoin, Dogecoin, Earthcoin, etc. This mining rig case comes unassembled but it is pretty easy to install and assemble it. Overall a great budget GPU mining rig case for starters or beginners who want to make some extra bucks without doing anything. Recommended by me.   

Kalolary 6 GPU Mining Open Case Specifications
GPUs Supported 6 (up to 320mm GPUs)
Dimensions 350mm x 650mm x 380mm
Frame Material Aluminum Alloy
Motherboard support ATX / Micro-ATX 
Fans support 120mm x 5
Features Dual PSU Support, PSU Mounting Kit, Efficient Cooling, Generous Space between Graphics Cards

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Other Recommendation

8-GPU Mining Case

8 GPU Aluminum Stackable Mining Rig Case Open Air Frame

An 8 GPU Mining Rig Case for building your mid-level mining rig at home. The case is made of aluminum alloy metal, has good build quality, and comes in silver/black color. This is a slightly bigger mining case than the above-mentioned 6-GPU mining case, and it supports up to seven 120mm fans, a microATX / ATX motherboard, and dual power supplies.


There is also a good amount of gap between the adjacent graphics cards that allows very good dissipation of heat and enhanced cooling. The case comes unassembled and you can install it with the instructions that come with it. It also includes Fan Brackets which really help in installing 120cm case fans. Overall, a high-quality 8 GPU mining case for building a mid-sized mining rig.  

8 GPU Open Air Mining Rig Case Specifications
GPUs Supported 8
Dimensions 340mm x 860mm x 380mm
Frame Material Aluminum alloy
Motherboard support m-ATX / ATX
Fans support 120mm x 7
Features Stackable design, Dual PSU support, Sturdy

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12-GPU Mining Case

LAWOHO Miner Case 12 GPU Open Air Mining Frame Case

If you want to get into some serious mining business then this LAWOHO 12 GPU Mining Case is definitely for you. This is again a high-quality and sturdy mining case that is made up of Industrial-Grade 2020 Aluminum alloy and is suitable for building a profitable GPU Mining Rig to mine a variety of cryptocurrencies that include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Earthcoin, and other Altcoins.


This is a fully stackable and adjustable open-air mining frame case that supports ten 120mm case fans, HDD/SSD, up to ATX motherboards, and dual PSUs. It is also pretty compact for a 12-GPU mining rig and is also pretty easy to install. The whole rack is very stable and it holds all the components very well in their places. This 12 GPU mining rig case comes with an acrylic board, screws & accessories, mounting kit, and installation manual.

12 GPU LAWOHO Miner Case Specifications
GPUs Supported 12 (up to 320mm in length)
Dimensions 640mm x 360mm x 581mm
Frame Material Aluminum Alloy
Motherboard support mini-ITX, M-ATX, ATX
Fans support 120mm x 10
Features Dual PSU support, Spacious, Easy Installation, Stackable, support 3.5” / 2.5” SSD

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19-GPU Mining Case

Open Air Mining Rig Stackable Frame 19 GPU Case

This is a mining case for pro miners who want to build a big mining rig for maximum profits in the cryptocurrency business. This is a high-end mining rig case that supports up to 19 Graphics Cards, 18 x 120mm cooling fans, ATX motherboard 4 PSUs. This is a very durable case and it comes with 18 blue LED fans. It has a stackable design, comes unassembled, and is very stable. So, if you are looking to make some serious cash then this 19 GPU mining rig case is what you should get for yourself.    


Open Air Mining Rig Stackable Frame 19 GPU Case Specifications
GPUs Supported 19
Dimensions 760mm x 360mm x 750mm
Frame Material Aluminum alloy
Motherboard support Up to ATX
Fans support 120mm x 18
Features 4 PSU support, enhanced cooling, 18 Blue Led Fans

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Final Words

So, if you want to build the best cryptocurrency mining rig for yourself then these above-mentioned GPU mining cases will not let you down. All of them are very durable, solid, stable, and offer great protection to your graphics cards and other installed components. If you want to ask anything then don’t feel shy and please leave a comment below.

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